Excerpt Tuesday – more lines from “The World” by Henry Vaughan

Theworld_pIp1Last week I featured the opening lines of the “The World” by Henry Vaughan (1622-1695) and this week I’ve decided to keep going with the first stanza of this classic poem. Read the whole poem here. Photograph (of a snowdrift of petals from my first spring in Boston) and composition by me.


Excerpt Tuesday – Monet Refuses the Operation – Lisel Mueller


Today’s excerpt is from “Monet Refuses the Operation” by Lisel Mueller (b. 1924) – read the whole poem here. Photograph and composition by me. Enjoy!

Illustrated Excerpt – II of Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird


This is week two and stanza two of Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird by Wallace Stevens (1879-1955) – read the whole poem here and you can see my illustrated stanza one from last week here. Photographs and composition by me.

Illustrated Excerpt – The Great Figure – by William Carlos Williams

isawthefigure_crop copy

The Great Figure by Williams Carlos Williams inspired artist Charles Demuth to create his now famous abstract portrait The Figure 5 in Gold in 1928. It is still a poem that inspires today! Drawing by me, charcoal on paper.

Excerpt Tuesday – “Lady Lazarus” – Sylvia Plath

plath_saints_crop2This was my first attempt at block printing, specifically Linocutting – and it was definitely a learning experience – but a rewarding one. Today’s excerpt is from “Lady Lazarus” by Sylvia Plath: read the whole poem here. All four lady saints are Linocut prints, designed, cut, inked, and hand printed by me.

Guide to Abbreviations (with links to wikipedia, if anyone is curious about what is known or traditionally believed about each saint):

St. Lucy = Saint Lucy

St. Cath = Saint Catherine of the Wheel

St. J.d’Arc = Saint Joan of Arc

St. M. Mag. = Saint Mary Magdalene