Old Poem Saturday – Epigram by Hulme

Old Poem Saturday - Epigram by Hulme

Revisiting the very first epigram I ever put up on the site – “Image” by T.E. Hulme (1883-1917). Photographs by me, taken from the viewing gallery of The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Excerpt Tuesday – more lines from “The World” by Henry Vaughan

Theworld_pIp1Last week I featured the opening lines of the “The World” by Henry Vaughan (1622-1695) and this week I’ve decided to keep going with the first stanza of this classic poem. Read the whole poem here. Photograph (of a snowdrift of petals from my first spring in Boston) and composition by me.


Double Original Friday – Mushroom Quatrain


Recently, an overnight rain storm brought out a wide variety of mushrooms in the yards and sidewalk grass strips in Boston.  My daily walk to the bus stop wound up being punctuated by kneeling to take mushroom portraits – and a mushroom inspired quatrain. Poem, photographs, and composition by me. Happy Friday!

Double Original Friday – A View from the City Bus, I


Happy Friday and 4th of July! Poem, “A View From the City Bus, I,” composition, and photographs by me. I am hoping to do a series of these – the poem is a true story – a lady was walking around the Old Burying Ground in Cambridge checking off something on a clipboard as she visited graves. I have no idea what she was doing! The photographs are from around the Boston University Bridge, the bottom photograph is of a memorial to the men and women of Cambridge who served during World War II. It sits in the center of a traffic circle with Memorial Drive passing overhead.