Kerfe Roig

Short Poem Saturday – Haiku – Roig

photograph of Roig Haiku collageunleaf me and go
your shadows are ghosting me
lost blurred indistinct
– Kerfe Roig

I have been introduced to so many of you through Ms. Kerfe Roig’s amazing collaborative blog, Method Two Madness, and vice versa, that it almost doesn’t need an introduction. But if by chance you found your way to Illustrated Poetry by another means, I do strongly recommend you head over to Ms. Roig’s blog and check out the art and poetry posted daily by both Kerfe and her best friend Nina.

Ms. Roig sent me this haiku way back last July, in preparation for a possible series on seasonal transitions. I knew immediately what I wanted to do for an illustration – a textured, layered collage. But two things happened on the way to this post: I needed to take my blogging hiatus and I also kept wondering, “how do I photograph/scan/etc that piece for display on the internet?” These last few weeks, I have been making a lot of new starts, and I am so glad I made this one of them. The world is going through so many transitions, and while they may not be seasonal, this poem still feels timely. Haiku by Kerfe Roig, collage (mixed media on cardboard) by me.

Double Original Friday – Evidence – Haiku

RadishHaiku_try2This second week of December has been a week of collages – which is a medium I adore, but in which I have always struggled to express myself. But recently I have been inspired by amazing collage artists like Ms. Roig (over at Method Two Madness), Ben Stainton (his awesome blog: Hello, Fig) , and Charles Wilkin (check out his work at his website). I decided to revisit the first collage I posted on this site, one that had gone with a haiku I wrote. I tore it apart and reimagined it. Here you are! Enjoy and happy Friday! Collage, haiku, and composition by me.