Joan of Arc

Excerpt Tuesday – Lady Lazarus – Plath

Lazarus_Plath2This was my first really “big” illustration attempt, posted not long after I started Illustrated Poetry. It was my first try at block printing and it wound up involving about a dozen trips to the art store (First day: “What do you need a $20 roller thingy for? I don’t need that.” Next day: “One rubber ink roller, please.”), a complete set carved with the letters backwards, and near asphyxiation by fumes (“non-toxic” ≠ odorless!). But this piece holds a special place in my heart, maybe because the “art mountain” I had to scale seemed so high. The excerpt is from “Lady Lazarus” by Sylvia Plath: read the whole poem here. All four women saints are Linocut prints, designed, cut, inked, and printed by me.

Abbreviations (with links to wikipedia, if anyone is curious about what is known or traditionally believed about each saint): St. Lucy = Saint Lucy, St. Cath = Saint Catherine of the Wheel, St. J.d’Arc = Saint Joan of Arc, St. M. Mag. = Saint Mary Magdalene