Cummings – Politician

A comment about the texture of my drawings in my last post (thank you, Jilanne!), sent me in search of more “textured” ink drawings I’ve done. I found this one in the archive and so it’s back! By the end of his life, E.E. Cummings’ political views had tracked radically rightward. This has always been out of step with his avant-garde image as a poet – even when he was alive – and his political poetry has not had the lasting popular appeal of his love poems. But this two-liner of his is pretty priceless. While I stridently disagree with his politics, I choose to pluck this political poem out of obscurity; it has a universal feel about it and a sentiment most everyone has shared.

When I dug the drawing out to scan it again, I made the discovery of a B-side I had completely forgotten about! It goes with the texture theme of this week so here it is:

I first posted the Cummings-inspired drawing in early 2016: the original post is here. Have a great (and safe) weekend!

Excerpt Wednesday – Cat in An Empty Apartment – Szymborska

CatInanEmptyAptI have to thank Maia T. (a shaman, poet, and cross-stitcher who lives in rural Scotland – check out her blog here!) for introducing me to this poem. This poem is from the cat’s perspective and Ms. Szymborska captures it perfectly and in the process mixes sorrow and laughter together in equal measure. To see what I mean, head over here to read the complete poem. Long famous in her native Poland, Wisława Szymborska became internationally renown after she won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1996. I found the words of the poem themselves to call to me, the shape of the letters and punctuation, so I used them to create the illustration. Poem by Wisława Szymborska, translated from Polish by Stanisław Barańczak and Clare Cavanagh, illustration (ink on recycled cardboard) by me. Have a good Wednesday! 

Old Poem Saturday – Haiku by Buson


A haiku for Old Poem Saturday – this one is by the haiku master Taniguchi Buson (1716-1783) and was translated by Robert Hass. Drawing (ink on paper) and composition by me. This was an early attempt of mine with drawing ink and if this medium teaches you nothing else, it is to celebrate your mistakes and accept spontaneity! Have a lovely weekend!

Excerpt Tuesday – Harlem – Langston Hughes



Today’s excerpt is from Langston Hughes’ eternal classic, “Harlem.” If you are like me, you *may* have mistakenly searched (more than once, I admit) for this poem under the title “Dream Deferred,” so iconic has the first line become in representing the civil rights movement and inequality. As recently as Aug 19th of this year, an editorialist in the New York Times used “Dream Deferred” in the title of his op-ed piece on the rioting in Ferguson, Mo. Read the whole poem here. Drawing (ink on paper) and composition by me.

Old Poem Saturday – Haiku by Buson


Another haiku for Old Poem Saturday – this one is by one of the three Haiku Masters – Taniguchi Buson (1716-1783) and was translated by Robert Haas. Drawing (ink on paper) and composition by me. Have a wonderful weekend!