Double Original Friday – View from a City Bus, II

viewfromacitybusIIThis is the second short poem in this series – you can see the first one here – based on observations from my daily commute. The photograph was taken at Woods Hole, MA of the window of a bell tower on the harbor. The tower and garden around it are dedicated to St. Joseph. Delighting this scientist’s heart, the bells in the tower are named “Pasteur” and “Mendel.” Photograph, poem, and composition by me. Happy Friday!

Old Poem Saturday – Epigram by Hulme

Old Poem Saturday - Epigram by Hulme

Revisiting the very first epigram I ever put up on the site – “Image” by T.E. Hulme (1883-1917). Photographs by me, taken from the viewing gallery of The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!