figure drawing

Monday Sketches – January 11, 2016


There was an open figure drawing session very near my house that featured two models each week – one male and one female – which was absolutely wonderful. During this session, after a few rounds of posing independently, the two models decided to do interactive poses – for this one, the female model lay across his lap and wound up looking directly at me for the whole pose! Sadly, this series was discontinued at the close of 2015. Drawing (charcoal on newsprint) by me.

Monday Sketches – January 4th, 2016

IMG_2286It was one of those figure drawings sessions where I just felt like I struggled with everything. The model was doing these elaborate poses with props and drapery but all I could seem to do was produce one out of proportion and uninspired drawing after another. After two hours of this, I said to myself, “I give up. I’m just going to draw her face” and this was the result. It rather salvaged the evening for me!  Portrait is red conté crayon on newsprint.

Excerpt Tuesday – I’m Nobody – Dickinson


Nobody_DickinsonIII’m nobody! Who are you?

Are you nobody, too?

~ Emily Dickinson

(1830 – 1886)

“I’m Nobody! Who are you?” was the very first Emily Dickinson poem I can remember reading –  I was in elementary school and I found it in an old tattered paperback of Dickinson poems on a shelf at my grandmother’s house. It was first published in 1891 and has gone on to be one of her most popular and enduring poems. Read all eight lines of this short poem here. Drawing (charcoal on paper), stitching (sewing into paper is harder than I thought it would be!), and composition by me.