Charles Bukowski

Excerpt Wednesday – Let It Enfold You – Bukowski

LetItEnfoldYouWritten towards the end of a very colorful and intensely creative life, “Let it Enfold You” by Charles Bukowski (1920 – 1994), describes his arduous personal journey. I wanted to create something that attempted to capture the gesture and resolution of the journey  – while honoring what came before – all in one picture. Drawing (colored pencil on paper) and composition by me. To join Mr. Bukowski on this journey, for a few minutes at least, read the whole poem here. I am indebted to Beat Company for introducing me to this poem – in the comments section of my About Me page, no less! Proving once again that the WP community enriches, supports, and inspires us.

Illustrated Thursday – Find What You Love – Bukowski

OROD4154I recently rescued a nearly full package of matte photo paper from the recycling bin at work – I guess folks don’t need to print photos anymore! I quickly discovered that I love drawing on the unique surface: it grabs graphite well and then is easy to blend. I don’t normally illustrate quotes, as there seems to be an entire industry devoted to that already, but I couldn’t resist with this Bukowski quote. Drawing (pencil on photo paper) and composition by me. Enjoy!