More mail art I haven’t sent…

collage in red hues with a lady reading in a chair and a polar bear crossing sign

I’ve read multiple articles in the last year detailing the phenomenon of “pandemic organizing/decluttering/good-will-ing” – stuck at home day after day with all of our things, many people are finally deciding to tackle that home organization project they’d been putting off. Well, I finally succumb to the trend a few weeks ago and tackled a clean out of our spare room – this room houses my “studio space” ( = folding table shoved into one corner of the room). This hasn’t been good for new art production but it has been good for personal art archeology! I’ve been uncovering some lost/forgotten/unsent mail art in the last few weeks and thought I’d bring them back into the light. I hope everyone is staying safe and sane as we pass this one year anniversary of the pandemic.

abstract artwork, paint over collage in red and pink stripes
collage of bird eyes with orange orb and abstract form


  1. I love these — and “personal art archaeology”. Finding old scraps of half-baked poems, I might mistake Sun Prepandemicus for a whole different species from Sun Postpandemicus.

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    1. Thank you, Jilanne! I definitely thought that the eyeball one was the odd one out and seemed to come from a different creative flow…

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