Monet Refuses the Operation – Mueller

Photograph of wood panel wall with bright sunlight overlaid with words Lisel Mueller's poem

The post I am working on for Friday to mark the death of Camille Pissarro in 1903 reminded me of this post I did six and half years ago. I took the photograph in the hallway of an old converted house in Cambridge, MA – I was helping a friend of mine move out of the attic apartment. The light was just like that, pouring through a circular window at top of the stairs. Mueller’s poem came almost immediately to mind; this post is still one of my favorite very early ones from my blog. To read Mueller’s whole poem, go here.


    1. Thank you, Kerfe! I looked it up and they removed the lens of his right eye in 1923 – it seems so barbaric now, with all the treatments and laser surgeries we have for eye diseases, but apparently that plus specially designed glasses did improve his vision.

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      1. I agree – the thought of surgery on the eyes is especially difficult for me. I always had to turn away whenever they showed eye surgery or eye procedures on medical shows on TV.

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