Draw Deep

collage of black and white parachutes over a blue ink background with a scrambled letter haiku

Draw deep
the wave
buoy now

It’s been one of those weeks – extra busy at work and extra things to do for my kid’s school and then extra life things (i.e. I finally sat down and worked through my ballot, with all the dozens of initiatives and local offices, and got that turned in today! Please everyone who is able, VOTE!). And then the little time I had leftover for art got eaten up by some mishaps (ever had a cat sit on your collage and some of the pieces stick to her butt?) and really bad blurry iPhone photography (maybe I do need a new phone?). But here we are! It’s Friday and we made it through another week. One good thing that happened this week is that I rediscovered a book on Surrealist techniques on my bookshelf and decided to let the spirit of the surrealists influence my haiku for today. I started by applying some cut out letters pulled at random from an envelope to this card before I pulled the transfer print. The word that stuck out to me was “buoy” and so I built a jumbled up poem around it. Reflects my jumbled up week pretty well, I think.

Everyone stay safe and healthy and sane and have a good weekend!


  1. What a perfect expression of your week! FYI, you made me snort with the cat butt story. It was great fun imagining your cat fleeing with letters attached to its rear. Congrats on making art through it all!

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    1. Thank you, Jilanne! Oh, it was letters and small colored shapes – she has a sort of medium hair length and she was not in the mood to have them removed 😀

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    1. We got our first real overcast cloudy weekend this weekend (with 5 minutes of drizzle – almost a rainstorm in San Diego!) – a relief from heat wave after heat wave – so it felt like down time at last…

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