Cummings – Politician

A comment about the texture of my drawings in my last post (thank you, Jilanne!), sent me in search of more “textured” ink drawings I’ve done. I found this one in the archive and so it’s back! By the end of his life, E.E. Cummings’ political views had tracked radically rightward. This has always been out of step with his avant-garde image as a poet – even when he was alive – and his political poetry has not had the lasting popular appeal of his love poems. But this two-liner of his is pretty priceless. While I stridently disagree with his politics, I choose to pluck this political poem out of obscurity; it has a universal feel about it and a sentiment most everyone has shared.

When I dug the drawing out to scan it again, I made the discovery of a B-side I had completely forgotten about! It goes with the texture theme of this week so here it is:

I first posted the Cummings-inspired drawing in early 2016: the original post is here. Have a great (and safe) weekend!


  1. Marcy, these drawings are highly accomplished, skillful, and masterful — I can’t get over what a really great fine artist you are. They remind me of portrait sketches that my Dad did a long time ago. Thanks for posting.

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    1. Thank you, John! As I said, I had forgotten all about my “B-side” sketch and right now it is my favorite of the two, with the lines coming off the back of the head. 🙂

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  2. Love both of these! The text of the top one gave me a chuckle, too, once I got past the visceral feeling of being wrapped up in a snake. (Visuals sometimes give me tactile feelings.) The bottom one reminds me of a sculpture of a head (called NOISE) we have in our house. Very cool!

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    1. Thank you, Jilanne! I’m totally curious, who sculpted NOISE? (I’m picturing it made out of wire although you gave me no reason to think that! :D)

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  3. These are beautiful drawings Marcy. And the words are indeed and sadly relevant.

    If we only admire the creations of those we agree with we will end up living in a very tiny world. I dislike erasing people because you disagree with their politics or beliefs on both sides of the aisle. Demanding purity leaves no room for growth, again on both sides. Life, and people, are messy.

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    1. Thank you, Kerfe – I agree – people are messy and they change and grow. There are poets whose personal and political legacy I struggle with, but their poems do speak to me deeply. That’s the hope, right? that we can create something that is beyond ourselves and takes on a life of its own and reaches people you’ve never met.

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