The Sound of Waves – Williams


Since Monday’s post had a science themed collage for Phil’s Kick-About Number #4, I visited the archive to see about another science themed collage. I came across this one, for a William Carlos William’s poem. I laughed because I got the background image for this one – you can see the “heat” and “cold” peaking out from the lady’s shoulder – from the same source as the center image in “Mirror Neurons.” It was a science textbook from the early 60’s I got for free out of the discard pile at the library. The science in it was outdated and often overtly sexist and racist – so I cut out the best of the illustrations and art and consigned the rest to the dustbin of history.

The entirety of the poem is posted after the read more tag, along with the text of the original post and a link (which is still good, I checked) to an online archive of Williams reading his own poems.

>>This post was meant to be an Excerpt Tuesday, but yesterday became unexpectedly busy and so here we are today! This will be my last William Carlos Williams collage in the series kicking off 2016. I’ve really enjoyed exploring his work through collage – thank you all for joining me! If you’d like to see my other two WCW collages click here and here (edit 26 June 2020, posts not available, links removed). One commenter noted on my first WCW collage that Dr. Williams used to write lines for poems on prescription pads and that is an image that I love. In my research into Dr. Williams, I found a wonderful archive of his poetry readings – free and available to the public. If you would like to hear Dr. Williams reading dozens of his own poems, I encourage you to visit the UPenn Sound Archive WCW page. The poem today is “The Sound of Waves” by William Carlos Williams (scroll down to read the whole poem), mixed media collage and composition by me. Have a wonderful Wednesday!<<



  1. I love your collages. Do you ever visit Robert Okaji’s blog (O at the Edges)? His poetry and your collages tend to inhabit my subconscious (or at least it feels that way), doing who knows what to my own writing. In a good way, of course!

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    1. Thank you, Jilanne! I am a big fan of O at the Edges – now that I’m “back”, I need to catch up with him and savor his new work. I think there is almost no higher a compliment than to say you think of someone’s work long after the screen is off (or book is closed, etc).

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    1. Isn’t it wonderful? It was one of those times I kept clicking links to check them, waiting to hit some sort of “pay wall”, and saying to myself “I can’t believe it is free!” 😀

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  2. Love it! This poem reminds me of the widows walks on top of captains’ houses on the East Coast. It’s interesting that you’ve chosen an image of an old time radio and cloaked woman. Very interesting. Couple this with David Bowie’s passing, and I must ask the question: What is the end that you envision? Guess I’m feeling fairly mortal today. Are you?

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    1. Thank you! Growing up on the west coast, I had to look up what a “window’s walk” was the first time I heard term – but WCW was an east coast native and big fan of drawing inspiration from his locality, so I don’t think it was an accident you made that association! I am definitely feeling mortal – with Alan Rickman dying too – it puts one in a mortal mood. My grandmother is a firm believer in the maxim that “celebrities die in threes” and when she is “right” it is always depressing. I don’t know what end I envision – I would probably go with a couplet rather than a quatrain, if pressed 😉

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