Fluid Dynamics

Linocut print, black and white, with three fluid dynamics "equations" carved

I dug out my monoprint and linoprint supplies from the closet yesterday hoping to start making monoprints again and found this linocut print of mine in an envelope. It was like greeting an old friend after a long absence! Many years ago I attended a seminar where fluid dynamics in regards to living organisms were discussed in detail and, as it is not my field of expertise, I began to doodle and free associate words – a bit of a surrealist exercise. This linoprint was the result.

Please stay safe and healthy and sane in these crazy times!



  1. As a former engineer, I tried to make sense of this and failed. Then I decided to turn on my poetry brain, instead. Success! Love this print! I think you should do more along these lines. of course, that’s easy for me to say…… 😉

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    1. Thank you, Jilanne! Let me know if you’d like one 🙂 They are postcard sized…and I have postcard stamps. I also found a half-finished block with a second set of these, so I pulled out the cutting tools!

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