Double Original Friday – Dada Resume

Monoprint of layered patterns and the silhouette of a woman, black ink on newsprint

Lab lights

in sciences
in vivo, present
University into University

writing for-  of-  and-
and have I meant it too

I is day,
am of am
issues the other
kind of variety

shareholders, all

effort, curriculum, height
of the present

Developing quantitative
sciences of my Artwork



I put my CV and a few job ads into the Dada Poetry Generator (check it out
here if you need some Dada poetry in your life!). With only a little bit of clean up, this was the result. I find it encapsulates my experience of being a scientist on the job market very well. The monoprint is also the result of a little random chance too. I was using this sheet of newsprint, an initially rejected print, to protect the table while I worked with the printing ink. It became a layered work of art in its own right. It seemed to me to be a pair. Poem and monoprint (ink on newsprint) by me. Have a good weekend! (Sneaked this one in under the Friday line, at least on the west coast!)


  1. Love this! I’m a little put out that I was duped by a poetry generator… I really felt I understood something of what those lines said! Oh, and the print is pretty gorgeous too.


    1. Thank you so much! I didn’t mean to dupe anyone with the generator – I find these generators to be a great source of inspiration and help me get out of creative ruts. I think that there is meaning there – there certainly was for me, seeing my CV turned into poetry!

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  2. Excellent! I find the papers underneath (as well as paper towels) often have good ideas.
    I’ve been neglecting the Generators for the Magnetic Poetry Oracle…
    I’ll have to revisit. (K)


    1. I recently attended an art show where the pieces on display were the worktables and brush stands of lacquer artists. The lacquer gradually coats the tools and table and turns them into exquisite (although no longer functional) lacquerware. I’m now taking a second look at all of my “liner paper”!


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