Meat and Potatoes, Myself

This was the first Overheard I did – inspired by a snippet of conversation I heard on Waikiki Beach last year. The speaker was just so earnest, it drew my attention away from the ocean views. I wonder if he was actually talking about food, or something else? I did wind up being fairly literal and making the speaker a potato himself. You can see the other Overheard I’ve posted here. Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you! I really think the benefit has come from the heightened awareness of the creative potential of overheard snippets of conversation!


  1. Sounds like something my father would have said. 😀 That seagull looks very attentive…like it may be thinking what it will do when the potato turns its back.


    1. Your comment made me and my partner laugh, thinking about the treacherous seagull, ready to peck the potato! Seagulls do have that look when they have one eye on your food and one eye on you…

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