Short Poem Saturday – Haiku by Knoll

LadyBugsHaiku_KnollGoing back through the archives, I found this illustration I did last year and I couldn’t resist reposting it. Ms. Knoll’s haiku has the same positive effect on me it always has – and with the front page of the news pretty much universally gloomy, I didn’t think it hurt to post a happy, fun poem. I’m pleased to say Ms. Knoll continues to be extremely active, with a forthcoming poetry book for June 2017 and lots of new poetry focused on social justice and current issues. She always has new stuff happening – her website:

Original text of the post:
This haiku puts a grin on my face every time I read it. And it never fails to launch me on an extended trip down memory lane as well – from the greenhouse in my grandparents’ backyard to one I visited once in Iceland. I consider this one of the superpowers of the haiku: they are a reservoir of memories stored in present tense words. Ms. Tricia Knoll is an award-winning poet working and living in Portland, Oregon. Her website,, has more of her wonderful haiku as well as links to many of her published poems and books – I definitely recommend a visit! Painting (acrylic on cardboard), digital collage, and composition by me. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. This one crept up behind me—in a good way. Hope you are well. I miss reading and viewing everyone’s work on a more regular basis. But I am persisting! Hope you are, too!


    1. Thanks, Jilanne! I am well – persisting too – lots of work on art and writing and science! I am always glad to see your posts and understand you gotta make time to create. That balance is one I struggle with as well. There is so many good posts on WP that if I don’t set a timer and adhere to it for checking out other blogs, whole afternoons and mornings disappear!

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    1. You are so welcome – I am always glad to spread the word about all the fantastic poetry going on today! And, as I mentioned in my post, this remains one of my favorite haikus.


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