Short Poem Saturday – Corn Moon – Summers

KXSX3001.jpgThis was an illustration I did last year, finishing it before I had to take my hiatus from this blog. I was in a “no outline” phase, practicing building up an image from repeated mark-making.

Although a corn moon usually refers to the full moon in September, at least there is the lunar connection for the Lunar New Year today. My apologies to Mr. Summers for the long delay between our correspondence and this post! Mr. Summers is a much decorated poet in many of the Japanese traditions. His personal blog, Area 17, can be found here! He also runs an organization, With Words, that brings poetry workshops into schools and to the public in the U.K.

Drawing (ink on paper) by me. Happy New Year to all!


      1. HI Marcy,

        Yes, the world of haiku, both within Japan, and outside, moves fast! Perhaps poetry’s most modern/contemporary verse form. 🙂

        I think Basho, who never heard of haiku, but wrote hokku, and other haikai verses, would have approved though, as he was always had his finger on the pulse.

        warm regards,

        President, United Haiku and Tanka Society
        co-founder, Call of the Page


  1. Lovely work Marcy. The illustration has the feel of an Etruscan mosaic. The irregular edge gives the feeling of a fragment; so well suited to the text.


    1. Thank you so much, Jasper – Mr. Summers had a similar response when I sent him a draft. Building it up gradually with the small circles, it shares something with mosaic art – but I definitely didn’t have that in mind when I started!

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    1. Thank you, Chris! I had to set this piece aside while I was on hiatus and I took it as a good sign that I still liked it when I picked it up again last week!


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