August Draw A Bird Day – The Emperor

TheEmperorI wanted to reveal the next drawing in my “Major Arcana” series for August’s Draw-A-Bird Day. Officially, Draw-A-Bird Day is April 8th each year: you can visit the D.A.B.D. website here – thank you to M.R. Emberson of A-Wing and A-Away for introducing us to it!  A number of artist-bloggers here on Word Press have been celebrating it by posting a bird drawing on the 8th of every month. Laura at Create Art Every Day is hosting this month’s birdy gathering! Thank you, Laura!

The Emperor is a Jabiru stork, one of the largest birds in South America: large males can stand 5 feet tall and have a 9 foot wingspan. They eat small animals of almost any variety – frogs, lizards, crustaceans, and even mice and other birds. Drawing (colored pencil and ink on paper) by me. Have a Happy Draw-A-Bird-Day! If you’d like to see the other two drawings in my bird themed Major Arcana series: The Tower and The Wheel of Fortune.


  1. Marcy, so sorry for the late response. Jenn and I were on vacation but are back getting settled in again. Great illustration (as usual)! And I love the bird-themed card series!


  2. One of my favorite childhood books remains Audubon’s bird book. Your Major Arcana bird series, Marcy, is so wonderfully satisfying in similar ways. So imaginative!


    1. Thank you kindly, Jana! I’m hoping the style comes across as maybe a cross between a fairy tale and a guide book, the bird species accurately represented, but sometimes in unexpected settings.

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