Excerpt Tuesday – “To freight cars in the air” – Williams

WCW_ToFreightCarsI remember learning many years ago that William Carlos Williams was both a physician and a poet – that he chose both professions equally and in turn each informed and influenced the other. I have always found this to be remarkable and refreshing. There always seems to be a tendency to be “either/or” and not “both” in this world!  This excerpt comes from one poem in a series entitled “The Descent of Winter.” It is known by both its first line and by a section number – 10/30. If you would like to read the whole text of “10/30” AKA “To freight cars in the air,” scroll down or click the “read more” link. Mixed media collage and composition by me.

This is also a piece of mail art – the collage is on one side of a postcard. I’d love to send it to someone! If you’d like to receive this postcard in the mail, use the “contact” tab above to send me an email. There is no charge for the card or postage – international is okay too! It’s been taken – thanks, everyone! I’m hoping to post more mail art again soon!  (I’ll update the post when it’s taken.)

Descent of Winter 10/30

  • – William Carlos Williams (1883 – 1963)


  1. Clearly, I’m not nearly speedy enough. But then I shouldn’t be a little piggy and want more than my share, right? 😀 Great work, Marcy! I love this poem and the pairing with your work!


  2. its awesome and i do want it BUT since i already have one of your treasures, resting in my small library shelf it would be unfair to claim this one again. beautiful gesture Marcy!


    1. Thank you, Geo! I hope you are well and having a happy New Year! Let me know when you are ready for me to send you another poem for collaborating! I often think of the “One-and-Twenty” drawing you did, it is still one of my favorites!

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  3. Hi Marcy – funny you come up with WCW just now – as yesterday I started a research on his relationship with Allen Ginsberg for an upcoming post on my blog:

    Williams Carlos Williams claimed in an interview in 1961 for Walter Sutton that “My only association with him (Allen Ginsberg) was that he had something to say and I wanted him to say it…But I am not thoroughly satisfied with what he has done…I am disgusted with him and his long lines.”

    As for that – I hope to be the first to make the wish ! Cheerrs, Matt


    1. That is quite a “salty” comment by WCW! But I’m getting the impression that he had strong literary views and was not afraid to express them! I look forward to reading your post on it.

      Someone squeaked in ahead of you in requesting this post card, but there is already another one in the mail for you!

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