Monday Sketches – January 4th, 2016

IMG_2286It was one of those figure drawings sessions where I just felt like I struggled with everything. The model was doing these elaborate poses with props and drapery but all I could seem to do was produce one out of proportion and uninspired drawing after another. After two hours of this, I said to myself, “I give up. I’m just going to draw her face” and this was the result. It rather salvaged the evening for me!  Portrait is red conté crayon on newsprint.


  1. Happy New Year! I got your card. Thank you! It was a frenetic holiday season. Now I’m trying to catch up. I love how you pulled the focus in from the larger whole to only a component in your sketch. That can work with writing, too. I’m glad you kept with it!


    1. Thank you, Jilanne! I am glad my holiday card arrived safe and sound – I think I sent it to your old address, but hoped the USPS would forward! I agree (and should practice more often, especially in my writing) that pulling in the POV can really give unique perspectives!

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  2. Sometimes out of exasperation come a great piece; I love it, and when I draw, I often use Conte colours as a first choice. Happy New year, best wishes and blessings, Charles.


  3. I can go there with you trying to draw everything
    My teacher use to drive me crazy about all of that
    Till I gave up and drew what I saw
    Love the portrait
    Great piece


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