Short Poem Saturday – Don’t Worry, Spiders – Issa

Dontworry_II“Don’t Worry, Spiders” was the very first haiku I posted on Illustrated Poetry! At the time, I paired it with a photograph I had taken of a brightly lit window at night – I thought of it like a Motel 6 for spiders. I decided to revisit the haiku and try it with something different: much more abstract and colorful (and perhaps from the spider’s perspective?) Haiku by Kobayashi Issa (1763 – 1828), painting (acrylic on illustration board), and composition by me. Have a great weekend! Enjoy!


    1. Thank you, Kerfe! I remember the first time I ran into this haiku I liked it so much I went and penciled it into the only poetry book I owned at the time (which had omitted this one from it’s section on haiku). I am working through a workbook on color and so I was trying my hand at a few combinations!

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      1. Anything that keeps down the population of palmetto bugs is instantly my friend. Now, there’s something I do not miss about the US. If I never see another palmetto bug, I’ll die happy.


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