Excerpt Tuesday – Devil, Maggot and Son – O’Connor

Devilmaggot_sonTranslated from Gaelic, “Devil, Maggot and Son” by Frank O’Connor tackles a very traditional theme with a mixture of attitude and catchy turn of phrase (especially in this first stanza) that has always made it a stand out for me – a uniquely paranoid offering on our impending mortality. You can read the whole poem (as well as click through an interactive presentation on the poem) here. Photos and composition by me. Enjoy!


  1. Love everything about this poem, including the way it’s enriched my vocabulary with the word “thrauneen”. And if I ever form an indie psych rock band, I’m going to ask if I can use that bottom photo for the cover… 🙂


    1. Thank you, Sunshine! It’s a great poem – I hope you can work “thrauneen” into your book somewhere! 🙂 And you have my permission and wholehearted endorsement to use my “3 Sheep” photo for your indie psych rock band!!

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