Old Poem Saturday – The Golf Links – Cleghorn


“The Golf Links” is a quatrain that has become the lasting legacy of poet, activist, and educator Sarah N. Cleghorn (1876 – 1959). I discovered it in an old anthology of poems that had been placed in a “free” box at my local library. Although sources cite her life long work on behalf of women’s suffrage, education reform, and civil rights and against (most notably for this poem) child labor, her multiple volumes of poems, and autobiography with personal preface by Robert Frost – this short poem, published in 1916, is the only one mentioned by name and one of only a few found online. Photograph and composition by me.


      1. Thank you, Steve – agreed. I also find it fascinating what does and does not make it onto the internet. Even that is dependent on what people are willing to upload, write, link to, and maintain; another permutation that legacies undergo these days.

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    1. That’s exactly what struck me about Cleghorn’s story too – she had this massive biography and like an iceberg only the tip of it can be seen today with the rest below the surface.

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