Double Original Friday – Reductive Anatomy


Sometimes, you start with a general feeling of unease and it can be hard to put words to it…I’ve been feeling out of sorts for the last couple of days and having a hard time explaining. When a doodle that was started during an overly-long meeting matured into this drawing (aided by an old anatomy textbook I have), I stepped back, took a look at it, and thought, “Yep – this is exactly what I wanted to say.” Drawing (pencil on newsprint) by me. I wish everyone a great weekend!


  1. This elicits so vividly that peripheral feeling of unease that as you say, we don’t really have a specific word for (at least that I can think of, in English). Two words: nailed it.


  2. Seconding Nina…although I have no idea where my Anatomy for Artists is at the moment. I also have plenty of experience with that uneasy state. You’ve captured it well.


    1. Thank you! I’ve lugged my rapidly aging Anatomy and Physiology textbook through 4 different cities now and I am always glad I have it to turn back to for science and art!

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